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There are many resources to help a student decide whether, where, and how to study study abroad.

Overseas Programs Advisors

Consult with an Overseas Programs Advisor about specific program questions. Each Advisor has a specific portfolio of programs in order to provide more specialized advising on each program. Students will work with this advisor throughout the study abroad process. While abroad, this advisor is also available to answer questions. To schedule an appointment with your Overseas Programs Advisor, click on the appointment button listed on their profile page.


Departmental Study Abroad Advisors

Each A&S department has an advisor who can help determine what major or minor credit you can bring back to apply towards a degree. You can also review Academic Requirements. They will also help you complete the Study Plan (part of the application process). The study plan is a hard copy PDF that will be available to students when an application on the Study Abroad Portal is opened. It will need to be signed by the appropriate Departmental Study Abroad Advisor(s) in the department(s) that they seek major/minor credit from the study abroad experience. Please check the directory to find the appropriate advisor.

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Four-Year Advisor

Consult with a four-year advisor in the beginning planning stages of the study abroad experience. The student's four-year advisor can help determine timing of the experience depending on the progress in the student's academic career.

Peer Advising

If you are exploring the idea of studying abroad and aren't really sure how to get started, feel free to contact our Peer Advisors. They have recently been in your same position and are happy to help answer questions about the application process, program options, and even share first hand experiences.  To reach a peer advisor, please send an email to:


We also have a collection of Ambassador projects you can check out here.



2023-2024 Peer Advisors will be announced soon!