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Consult with an Overseas Programs Advisor about specific program questions. A&S Departmental Study Abroad advisors can help determine what major or minor credit you can bring back to apply towards a degree.

Each A&S department has a Departmental Study Abroad advisor who can help determine what major or minor credit you can bring back to apply towards a degree. They will also help you complete the Study Plan which is part of the application process. The study plan is a PDF that will be available to students when an application on the Study Abroad Portal is opened. It will need to be signed by the appropriate Departmental Study Abroad Advisor(s) in the department(s) that you seek major/minor credit from the study abroad experience. (Learn more about Academic Requirements here). Please check the directory below to find the appropriate advisor(s). 


Departmental Advisors by Department

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African and African-American Studies - Mungai Mutonya

American Culture Studies - Karen Skinner

Anthropology and Archaeology - Erin Coleman

Applied Linguistics - Education - Cindy Brantmeier

Arabic - Jewish, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies - Pamela Barmash

Architecture - Courtney Cushard

Art - Courtney Cushard

Art History - Angela Miller

Asian-American Studies - Linling Gao-Miles


Biology- Douglas Chalker and April Bednarski

Business - Michele Picone


Chemistry - Richard Mabbs

Children's Studies - Amy Pawl

Chinese - East Asian Languages and Cultures - Wei Wang

Classics - Luis Alejandro Salas

Comparative Arts - Ignacio Infante

Comparative Literature - Ignacio Infante


Dance - Joanna Dee Das


Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences - Kun Wang

East Asian Language and Cultures - Mijeong Mimi Kim

Economics - Dorothy Petersen

Education - Alyssa McDonald

Engineering - Melanie Osborn

English - Wolfram Schmidgen

Environmental Analysis and Environmental Studies - Jeffrey G. Catalano

Environmental Biology - Douglas Chalker

Environmental Earth Sciences - Kun Wang

Environmental Policies - Zoe Ang


Film and Media Studies - Colin Burnett

French - Romance Languages and Literatures - Harriet Stone
Middlebury in Paris and Dickinson in Toulouse Programs

French - Romance Languages and Literatures - Seth Graebner
All other WU-Approved Programs seeking French credit


German - Katherine Kerschen
Tübingen semester/year program

Global Studies - Nicole Svobodny


Hebrew - Jewish, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies - Pamela Barmash

Hindi/Urdu - Jewish, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies - Pamela Barmash

History - Daniel Bornstein



Interdisciplinary Program in the Humanities - Joe Loewenstein

Islamic Studies - Jewish, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies - Pamela Barmash

Italian - Romance Languages and Literatures - Rebecca Messbarger


Japanese - East Asian Languages and Cultures - Jamie Newhard

Jewish Studies - Jewish, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies - Pamela Barmash



Korean - East Asian Languages and Cultures - Mimi Kim


Latin American Studies - Ignacio Sanchez Prado

Legal Studies - Frank Lovett

Linguistics - Brett Hyde


Mathematics - Ari Stern

Medical Humanities - Rebecca Messbarger

Music - Todd Decker


Performing Arts - Andrea Urice

Philosophy- Becko Copenhaver

Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology - Ron Mallon

Physics - Li Yang

Political Science - Zoe Ang

PreHealth - Tony Smith

Psychological & Brain Sciences - Brian Bergstrom
P&BS majors in Australia, Denmark, and Sweden.

Psychological & Brain Sciences - Leonard Green
P&BS majors in Chile, as well as all Cognitive Neuroscience majors


Religious Studies - Lance Jenott

Russian - Mikhail Palatnik


Sociology - Caitlyn Collins

Spanish -Romance Languages and Literatures- Ignacio Infante
WU Spain Program

Spanish -Romance Languages and Literatures- Joe Barcroft
All Other WU Approved Programs in Spain/Latin America

Statistics and Data Science - José E. Figueroa-López


Urban Studies - Carol Camp Yeakey


Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies - Amy Eisen Cislo

Overseas Programs Advisors

Consult with an Overseas Programs Advisor about specific program questions. Each Advisor has a specific portfolio of programs to provide more specialized advising on each program. Students will work with this advisor throughout the study abroad process. While abroad, this advisor is also available to answer questions. To schedule an appointment with your Overseas Programs Advisor, click on their profile page below and then the appointments button.  


For general study abroad questions, please consult with our Peer Advisors during their regular walk-in hours, or schedule an appointment via Calendly.


Amy Suelzer

Argentina (IFSA), Archaeology Field Study, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, England (Oxford, Keble, and Pembroke Cambridge Summer Programme), Germany, Greece, Japan, SIT Programs in (Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Portugal), Spain, Alternative Program Petitions, Leave of Absence, Study Abroad Scholarships 

Carrie Canham

Australia (SIT Australia, New South Wales, and University of Queensland), China, Denmark (DIS Copenhagen; Medical Practice and Policy, Prostitution and the Sex Trade, Public Health, DIS Summer in Scandinavia), Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, SIT Programs in (India, Indonesia, Nepal, Samoa, Serbia, Vietnam), Scotland (Semester), Sweden (DIS Stockholm; Gender and Sexuality Studies), Taiwan

Cassidy Thompson

Cambodia, Costa Rica, France, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, Netherlands, Peru (SFS), SIT Programs in (Cameroon, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Netherlands, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia), South Africa (OTS), WUSTL faculty-led summer programs

Veronica Whittemore

Australia (University of Sydney), Czech Republic, Denmark (DIS Copenhagen; Psychology, Justice and Human Rights, Politics and Security, Child Development, Sustainability), England (all except Keble and Oxford), Ghana (CIEE), Hungary, Iceland, Italy (ArtSci students), Scotland (Summer), SIT Programs in (Namibia), South Africa (IES Cape Town), South Korea, Sweden (DIS Stockholm; Neuroscience), Switzerland, United States

Peer Advisors

  • Peer Advisors

    For general application questions, program options, and their first-hand study abroad experience.

Because I had the opportunity to go abroad on two very different programs to two different countries and regions in Europe, I have really become an expert on the European abroad experience. Both of my programs allowed me to study very different topics, ranging everywhere from gender and sexuality studies, to art history, and religious studies.

―Annie YarisIES Society, Culture and Gender in Amsterdam, CET Central European Studies in Prague