Faculty & Staff Resources

Faculty, advisors, and staff play a vital role in internationalizing the student experience at Washington University.

Faculty and advisors develop unique learning opportunities for students abroad, motivate students to seek international experiences, assist students in identifying those experiences that fit into degree and career planning, and support the articulation of overseas coursework to Washington University. Staff across the campus ensure seamless student services for study abroad participants.

Faculty/Staff Involvement
Promote study abroad to Washington University students and help them throughout the study abroad process. Did you receive a request from a student to complete a recommendation for a study abroad application? Please follow the recommendation directions.

Faculty Leadership 
Faculty are fully involved in study abroad oversight and programming and provide essential leadership as Study Abroad Advisor Board members, Departmental Study Abroad Advisors, and faculty leading programs.

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Faculty & Staff Involvement

Study Abroad Outreach

From promoting study abroad events to requesting a classroom presentation, faculty and staff members can be highly influential in encouraging students to study abroad.

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Advise Study Abroad Students

Provide advice regarding study abroad requirements and learn how to assist your students through the study abroad application process.

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Completing Recommendations

All programs require students to submit recommendations as part of the application process to study abroad. However, specific requirements and instructions may vary by program.

How to Complete Recommendations

Faculty Advising

Departmental Study Abroad Advisors

Each department or program within Arts & Sciences has been asked to appoint a Departmental Study Abroad Advisor. In consultation with other faculty, the advisor will develop policies and guidelines for study abroad relevant to their department.

Responsibilities and Steps for Study Abroad Advisors

Departmental Study Abroad Advisor newsletter - August 2023



Study Abroad Advisory Board (SAAB)

A Study Abroad Advisory Board (SAAB) is appointed by the Vice Dean of Undergraduate Affairs to guide and assist Overseas Programs. SAAB membership is drawn primarily from faculty in Arts & Sciences.

  • To review the quality of existing Washington University programs on a regular basis;
  • To review requests from departments to initiate new programs or to eliminate or modify existing programs;
  • To review student requests to attend non-Washington University programs abroad for Washington University credit;
  • To review and approve departmental plans for study abroad projects for majors;
  • To make recommendations to the Vice Dean of Undergraduate Affairs about matters concerning study abroad.

Current members:

Humanities Natural Sciences Social Sciences
Erin McGlothlin, Vice Dean of Undergraduate Affairs Alexander S. Bradley, Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences Leonard Green, Psychological & Brain Sciences and Economics
Zhao Ma, ​East Asian Languages and Cultures   Sunita Parikh, Political Science and Asian American Studies
Julie Singer, Romance Languages and Literatures   Andrew Sobel, Global Studies
Hayrettin Yucesoy, Jewish, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies    

Faculty Leading Programs

Overseas Programs works closely with academic departments and faculty in developing and implementing study abroad opportunities for students. Faculty members have the opportunity to teach courses abroad during the summer. Faculty-led programs generally range from 5-10 weeks over the summer. Faculty Program Directors provide students with the opportunity to work closely with Washington University faculty in a specific area and country of interest.


Program Proposals

Faculty are encouraged to seek the assistance of Overseas Programs for resources as well as expertise in the development of new proposals. Proposals for new programs will be reviewed by the Study Abroad Advisory Board. Completed proposals should be submitted to Overseas Programs by October 1 for the following summer.

Program Proposal Application