Completing Recommendations

Recommendations are critical part of the Study Abroad Application as they highlight whether a student is prepared for the academic challenges of taking courses abroad.

WashU Recommendation Requirements

Overseas programs requires two to three recommendations for most programs.

  • Major/Minor: The first recommendation should be requested from a faculty member, who is familiar with the academic work or major/minor/subject area(s) the student intends to study abroad. 
  • Faculty/Advisor: The second can be requested from another faculty member or advisor.
  • Foreign Language: Some programs require an additional language recommendation. A foreign language instructor may write both a language recommendation and a non-language recommendation as they target different information.

Program Provider & Host Institution Recommendations

NOTE | In addition to the WUSTL recommendation, various study abroad programs may require their own specific recommendation form (online or paper) be submitted directly to the program provider or host institution. The student will request any additional references when necessary and provide submission instructions to the recommender.

Completing WashU Recommendations Online

The email you received from a student asking you to complete an online recommendation includes the student’s name, the study abroad program they are applying for and any additional information the student chooses to add. It will also provide the recommender with detailed instructions for completing the recommendation online. Depending on the program, recommendations will require either answering a series of questions or uploading a letter.

Washington University Faculty & Staff should use their WUSTL Key and Password to login via the WUSTL users login link provided in the email request.  Faculty & Staff from outside institutions should login using the other non-WUSTL login link and the temporary password received in the email or the permanent password chosen after the initial login.  If you are not automatically brought to the correct screen, click “Recommender Home” in the upper right corner.  Select the student under "Pending Recommendations". You should plan to complete each reference in one session.


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