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Returning to WashU

Overseas Programs hopes you had a great experience on your study abroad program! We are always happy to talk with returning students about their experiences and can be a resource for students interested in promoting study abroad. Once students return to campus they should ensure that they complete all steps needed to transfer credit taken abroad. Returning after time abroad can be both rewarding and challenging. Returnees have several resources for adjusting to life back in the United States and on campus. 

Here are the steps you need to take as a returnee to transfer credit taken abroad and ways you can stay internationally involved and ease your transition back to campus.

Credit Transfer

Students must complete a few steps before the credit transfer process can be initiated. The student's file goes to each department from which the student is requesting credit and is then sent to the registrar. Students should stay in communication with Overseas Programs and their departmental study abroad advisor to make sure they have completed all student obligations.

Adjust to Life at WUSTL

Returning home after time abroad can be both rewarding and challenging. There are several resources to help make the transition back to Washington University and St. Louis as smooth and rewarding as possible


Overseas Opportunities: You've studied abroad, now what?

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Market Your Experience

Employers value your ability to demonstrate cross-cultural competence and the skills you developed through your international experiences. Learn how to effectively market yourself and your time abroad to employers.

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Go Abroad Again

Interested in pursuing an international experience after graduation? There are many international programs for conducting research, studying, volunteering, and working abroad. Take advantage of these opportunities and continue to explore the world.

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Work With Us

There are several programs that provide study abroad returnees with the opportunity to share their experiences with other students. Each program has various levels of commitment, requirements, and benefits.

Program Representatives:

Program Representatives are available to discuss their program with prospective study abroad students and encouraged to participate in Overseas Program events.

Ambassador Program:

Ambassadors share their positive study abroad experience while improving presentation and event planning skills and mentoring peers.

Peer Advisor Program:

Peer Advisors are an integral part of Overseas Programs and are responsible for assisting students during the study abroad process, marketing events, and coordinating programs for exchange students. The Peer Advisor opportunity is a paid position with a competitive application process.

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How do I request an Authenticated Transcript?

When you apply to graduate or professional schools, you can document your study abroad accomplishments by requesting additional transcripts from the program sponsor or host institution. Overseas Programs will issue authenticated copies of program transcripts from non-U.S. study abroad institutions and non-U.S. program sponsors upon request for all participants in programs offered by the College of Arts and Sciences, including alternative programs approved by petition.

Generally, these authenticated copies are readily accepted in lieu of originals in support of graduate or professional school applications, scholarship applications, and employment applications, but always verify this with the organization to which you are submitting your transcript. 

Note | Overseas Programs is not able to provide copies of authenticated transcripts from U.S. program sponsors (CET, CIEE, IES, SIT, etc.) and U.S. host institutions (Duke, Middlebury, NYU, etc.).  You will need to contact U.S. program sponsors or host institutions directly to request a transcript.

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