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While Abroad

While you're abroad, consider the following to adjust to your new location and ensure a smooth transition back to Washington University.

Cross-Cultural Adjustment

Living and studying in an unfamiliar culture can be incredibly exciting, but also present significant challenges. The University of Michigan's Resilient Traveling website has been developed to help people think proactively about challenges they may encounter and build skills to help them manage stress and enhance their experiences abroad. 

Resilient Traveling

You can find information about common problems, watch videos about students who have traveled abroad, and learn about skills that will help you deal with a variety of challenges, including:

  1. Loneliness
    • Related Skills: Deep Breathing, Cognitive Defusion, Reflection
  2. Culture Shock
    • Related Skills: Mindfulness, Reflection, Values-Based Action
  3. Group Conflict
    • Related Skills: Reflection, Assertiveness, Values-Based Action
  4. Personal Struggles
    • Related Skills: Mindfulness, Cognitive Defusion, Reflection

Cultural Competence

Use the following resources to develop cultural competency and the ability to appreciate and interpret other cultures.

  • What's Up With Culture by University of the Pacific: Online cultural training modules for students going overseas.
  • Ways to Reduce Homesickness Abroad: Reduce feelings of isolation by trying local foods, making a bucket list, creating a routine and other ideas mentioned in this article.

Share Your Experience

Document your time abroad and show us where your travels take you!


We enjoy seeing where your time abroad takes you. Be sure to post your pictures and experiences on our WUSTL Overseas Programs Facebook Page.

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Chronicle your time abroad or let us reminisce on your #tbt with you by sharing your photos with @wustloverseas. Use the hashtag #WashUWanders to showcase your photos and possibly be featured on our page.

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Photo Contest

Show off your photography skills! The contest takes place at the Study Abroad Showcase every Fall.

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Register for Next Semester

Washington University students abroad should register via WebSTAC and their priority registration date will be assigned as if they were on campus. Students must contact their Four Year Advisor and Major advisor(s) by email, or other means, to obtain authorization to register.

Course Listings

Washington University course listings are available online six to nine weeks before registration begins. Students abroad can access course information directly through WebSTAC. Note: JavaScript must support your web browser in order to read the course listings on WebSTAC.

Registration Procedures

Students must contact and receive advisor authorization before being authorized to register on-line. Students should contact advisors at least two weeks prior to their assigned registration date and time. Failure to contact advisors in a timely fashion will delay registration.

If you are unable to gain access to the internet at your registration time, please contact Overseas Programs.

Arrange Housing for Return

Washington University students who are returning from abroad must complete the Room & Board application using their WebSTAC account. Students who successfully submit their application will receive an email confirmation.

Residential Life Housing & Application

In order to receive a housing assignment you must follow Residential Life's Housing Selection Process appropriate for your situation. If you have any questions about this process, please contact Residential Life.

LIVED in Residential Life housing before going abroad

  • You will retain the same priority as those students in your class who remained in Residential Life assigned housing.

DID NOT live in Residential Life housing before going abroad 

  • You are not eligible to participate in the room selection process. Contracts will be accepted on a space available basis after the regular selection process has closed. Fraternity members will be permitted to participate in the Housing Selection process as long as your house is fully occupied as determined by the Greek Life Office.



  • Requesting for Spring Semester: Submit to WebSTAC by November 15
  • Requesting for Fall Semester/ Academic Year: The Housing Selection Process begins soon after students return from Winter Break so it is imperative that you check the website often with particular attention being given to the dates and deadlines.   
  • Special Housing Accomodation: Any student requiring a special housing accommodation should submit their Special Housing Accommodation Request starting on January 1 for a Fall assignment and by November 15 for a Spring assignment. Check the Housing Selection website for additional information

Advance Payment

A $450.00 advance payment is automatically applied to your Student Account, and will show up as a credit against your semester housing charges.  Students eligible to have this fee waived due to some form of financial aid will notice additional language on their specific Room & board Application. If you have a Stafford or Perkins Loan, or another need-based Washington University scholarship, including PEP, the advance payment will be automatically deducted from your financial aid award.

For more information contact Residential Life via email or (314) 935-5626