In Case of Emergency

In the event of an emergency or crisis situation, please contact the appropriate on-site authorities and Overseas Programs.

Step 1: Contact On-Site Authorities

Students should immediately contact Program Leaders or On-Site Staff in the Event of an emergency or crisis.

International "911" Emergency Numbers
Contact police, ambulance, or fire department using the country's "911" equivalent.

Download list of numbers PDF from State Department

US Embassies & Consulates
Locate the nearest embassy or consulate for Overseas Citizens Services
From US or Canada: 1-888-407-4747
From Overseas: +1-202-501-444

Find your embassy



Step 2: Contact Overseas Programs

Contact Overseas Programs after seeking immediate on-site assistance.

Overseas Programs: 314-935-5958
Call Overseas Programs during business hours M-F (8:30-5:00pm CST)

Washington University Campus Police: 314-935-5555
Call the WashU Campus Police 24-hour response line if it is after hours or you are unable to reach Overseas Programs. Campus Police will notify the appropriate person.



Step 3: Contact Insurance Providers

Contact health and emergency insurance companies providing coverage of the student.

GeoBlue International Health Insurance: +1-610-254-8771
In the case of emergency, go immediately to the nearest hospital and then contact Geo Blue. GeoBlue will then take the appropriate action to assist and monitor the medical care until the situation available. If covered by a different international health insurance, contact any alternative/ additional providers.

International SOS: +1-215-942-8226
This is NOT health insurance. International SOS provides 24/7 access to English speaking doctors, medical referrals, and evacuation assistance, as well as region and country specific risk and safety reporting.