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Overseas Opportunities

Learn how to use the skills you gained abroad to launch your career or seek out opportunities to go abroad again

Global Competence 

Global competence refers to the acquisition of in-depth knowledge and understanding of international issues, an appreciation of and ability to learn and work with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, proficiency in a foreign language, and skills to function in an increasingly global society. Global Competency is a key to success in today's job market. Students gain many transferable skills through study abroad that are applicable to many academic disciplines and occupations. The following are a few of the global competency skills sought after by employers.

Skills & Abilities Associated with Study Abroad:

understand cultural differences and similarities
ask thoughtful questions
learn through listening
communicate despite barriers
conduct research despite language and cultural differences
adapt to changing circumstances
manage ambiguity comfortably
handle stress and difficult situations
problem solving

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In the education section of your resume, make sure to list the following:

Name of college/university attended while studying abroad
City and country
Dates of enrollment
Coursework and/or program of study

Create a section called “international and cross-cultural experience” to highlight an internship, part-time job and/or volunteer work abroad. In the “skills/language” section of your resume, list foreign languages and specify language skills level (e.g. basic, intermediate, or fluent).

Consult with the Career Center about international opportunities and showcasing your study abroad experience!

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Study, Volunteer, Work, & Teach Abroad

My experience in New Zealand exceeded my expectations in ways that I could have never imagined. I lived with all international students, learned a new language by taking a song and dance course called Kapa Haka, traveled all throughout New Zealand, and learned to navigate living in a new city in a whole different country almost half way across the world

―Ashley YangUniversity of Auckland with IES Abroad

Fellowship & Grant Opportunities

Many study abroad returnees go on to apply for fellowship and grant opportunities abroad. The School of Arts & Sciences and Overseas Programs helps Washington University students apply for funding for research and programs abroad. Consult the Fellowships website for more information.

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