Study Abroad Outreach

Faculty, advisors, and staff members can be highly influential as a student considers studying abroad as part of their overall educational path. Faculty and staff play a vital role in encouraging students to study abroad and in helping them to prepare for the experience. Many students have never thought about study abroad or do not realize that they can fit an international program into their degree plans. Here are some ways to promote study abroad at Washington University:

Encourage Students to Consider Study Abroad

The first step is making students aware of international opportunities. Encourage students to start planning for study abroad as early as freshman year. Mention studying abroad during individual meetings or during class. Share your own international experience by engaging students in discussions of global issues that relate to your curriculum.

Request a presentation

Talking with students in a classroom setting is one of the best ways to promote study abroad. Let an Overseas Programs advisor or a study abroad returnee visit your class and provide a short presentation.

Contact us

Promote and Attend Study Abroad Events

There will be many study abroad events throughout the year, including the Study Abroad Workshop, information sessions and tables, and educational presentations. Overseas Programs welcomes faculty to join in events to offer your expertise and learn more about options available to students. Remind your students about upcoming events.

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