Advising Study Abroad Students

information is for faculty, staff and advisors wanting to assist students through the study abroad process

Study Abroad Requirements

Students should review Eligibility Requirements and Academic Requirements before selecting a program.

  • Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Some programs have a higher GPA requirement .
  • Some programs require language or course pre-requisites, which means students need to plan early.
  • Students studying abroad for a semester or year must go on a program approved by their department and take a minimum of 2 upper-level courses per semester abroad approved for their major, minor or area of significant academic concentration.


Students on road


Students can talk to Peer Advisors, Ambassadors, or other study abroad returnees. Overseas Programs Advisors have walk-in hours to discuss program specifics. Departmental Study Abroad Advisors can help students determine what major/minor credit to bring back to apply towards a degree.

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Choosing a Program

Students can research what programs are approved for their course of study by searching the Program Database. In some cases, students have compelling academic reasons for choosing an alternative program. In these cases, students must submit a petition to the Study Abroad Advisory Board for approval. 

Program Database


Students who receive financial assistance at Washington University may use their financial assistance award to participate in a Washington University approved semester or academic year program or alternative program approved by petition. All semester and academic year students are charged Washington University tuition and Washington Student Health Insurance. Costs of summer programs will vary significantly depending on their location, duration, and features. Learn more about Study Abroad Finances and Study Abroad Scholarships.


Credit Transfer 

Students must take every course for a grade and an equivalent grade of C or better is required to be awarded Washington University credit for coursework taken abroad. Learn more about the Credit Transfer process.

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