2020 Showcase

An event for Danforth Campus students to learn more about available study abroad opportunities.

Hosted through CAREERlink

WashU’s Career Center CAREERlink is a career management system where you can search and apply for job postings, internship opportunities, and co-ops, manage your applications, and RSVP for programs and workshops.

Date: December 4th, 12:00 - 2:00pm (CT)

Campus partners will be present to share additional information for students looking to study abroad during their time at WashU. Considering the pre-health track or a double major and/or a minor within a different college? Visit the Pre-Health, Olin School of Business or McKelvey Engineering booths. Meet with directors of the upcoming summer 2021 faculty-led programs along with our directors for the semester programs in Chile and Spain.


Additionally, our external program partners will be present to share more about summer, semester and academic year program opportunities. To view what programs are available and pre-approved by academic departments within the College of Arts & Sciences, click here.


Interested in applying to a WU-in program? Applications for Academic Year/Fall 2021 open November 2, 2020 and applications for Summer 2021 open December 15, 2020!


*This event is open to all undergraduate students.


Quick Tour of Virtual Fairs for Students  Step-by-step fair instructions for Students  

Interested in applying to a WU-in program? 

Applications for Fall 2021 open November 2, 2020. Applications for Summer 2021 open on December 15, 2020!

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